2014 Chardonnay, Santa Barbara County


The 2014 vintage was tricky for Chardonnay because of the challenging weather we experience during harvest. Rain came at mid-harvest, which stopped the picking for several days. We picked 5 different lots; 2 before the rain and 3 after. We harvested 3.3 tons per acre in the Chardonnay vines with lower sugars, but balanced pH’s, and acidity. The five separate lots of Chardonnay were whole-cluster pressed with the juice going straight to barrel for fermentation. Primary fermentation finished smoothly and the wines were inoculated for malolactic, however, malolactic was very slow in the barrel, finishing in the Spring of 2015. The lower sugars translated into alcohols of 13% in the finished wines. The wine was racked off gross lees in June ’10 and returned to barrel for an additional 2 months aging. After a light fining, the wine was bottled in early September 2015.

The 2014 Santa Barbara County Chardonnay exhibits a beautiful nose of lemon and apricot fruit, with caramel, butterscotch, and yeasty undertones. The stone fruit continues on the palate, with peaches and apricot flavors upfront, as well as mineral and bread dough. Bright citrusy, lemon acidity frames the wines nicely and leads to a refreshing finish. The 13% alcohol and bright acidity make this wine light, refreshing, and great with food.

2014 Estate Chardonnay, Gold Coast Vineyard


Year in and year out, our Estate Chardonnay is one of the most consistent wines we produce. 2014 presented a challenge in that we had rain throughout the harvesting of the chardonnay. We worked diligently to make sure only clean fruit was brought into the winery. This means we did extra hand sorting in the vineyard to remove any fruit with mold, mildew, or botrytis. Luckily, we were able to accomplish this; mostly by harvesting slightly earlier than normal. The resulting wine is lower in alcohol (13%), with bright citrus flavors. The grapes for our Estate Chardonnay were whole cluster pressed and the juice settled overnight before going into Francois Freres French oak for fermentation (25% new). After fermentation, the wine was allowed to go through malolactic and aged sur lie for 10 months before the blend was assembled. The wine was then returned to barrel for an additional 3 months. Two weeks prior to bottling, the wine was cold stabilized and lightly fined with bentonite.

The wine displays aromas of apple, lemon, wood toast, and caramel. Flavors of pear and dried pineapple carry through the palate, with a nice balance of lemon and vanilla cream on the mid palate and finish. The wine has rich texture with enough acidity to keep it refreshing.

2014 Reserva Dorada Chardonnay


The vision for our Reserva Dorada Chardonnay is to achieve a wine with greater richness and depth than the Estate bottling, but to retain the acidity and balance that our Gold Coast Vineyard provides. The grapes are whole-cluster pressed and the juice put into Francois Freres French oak (50% new) for fermentation. The juice is then allowed to go through Native yeast fermentation to gain greater mouthfeel and aromatic complexity. Primary and malolactic fermentation are carried out on gross lees. After 11 months in barrel, the wine was racked off the lees and returned to barrel for an additional 4-6 months aging. The wine is gently fined and then bottled unfiltered.

2014 was a delicate growing season for Chardonnay in the Santa Maria Valley. The year was marked with hot and cold spells and finished with rain during the harvest. Consequently, we harvested the chardonnay at 13% potential alcohol which has resulted in a very elegant and sexy style of chardonnay. The grapes were whole-cluster pressed and the juice put into Francois Freres French oak barrels for fermentation. Malolactic was allowed in barrel and sur-lie aging was carried out for 11 months. At this time, barrels were selected for the Reserve program, a blend was assembled, and the wine returned to barrel for an additional 4-6 months aging. Prior to bottling, the wine was cold stabilized and then bottled, unfiltered.

This wine shows aromas of bright lemon citrus, sea mist, caramel, and a white flower perfume. The mouth is full with balanced acidity and flavors of citrus, vanilla cream, and toasty oak with an extra dimension and long, smooth finish

2014 Pinot Noir, Santa Barbara County


Costa de Oro Pinot Noirs are typically lighter bodied and lower in alcohol, with a charming and precise quality to them. The 2014 SBC Pinot Noir is an easy drinking, straight-forward wine with everything a pinot noir should have; red fruit, earth tones, floral notes, and balanced acidity. The grapes were destemmed and put into 1.5-ton fermenters for cold soaking prior to fermentation. After several days, the must was inoculated with RC-212 yeast and fermentation began, with manual punch downs twice a day. The fermentations typically completed after 11-15 days and the must was pressed to Francois Freres French oak barrels for aging. Malolactic took place and the wine was SO2’d by January 2011. After 8 months, each barrel was tasted and blends were assembled. The Santa Barbara County blend was lightly egg white fined and returned to barrel to settle out. The wine was bottled, unfiltered, in early September of 2015.

Elegant nose of classic red fruit – strawberry, cherry – with potpourri, asian spices, and orange peel nuances. The palate shows bright fruit, good acidity, and complete harmony throughout, finishing with spice, earth, berry, and citrus notes.

2013 Estate Pinot Noir, Gold Coast Vyd


Our Estate Pinot Noir is a blend of all the picks from our Gold Coast Vineyard. In 2013, 8 different lots were harvested over a 2 1/2 week period in September. Each lot was destemmed, fermented, and aged separately so that it’s individual characteristics could be evaluated. Early picks are dusty strawberry, lower in alcohol and higher in acidity. Later picks are darker in tone and heavier in weight. Once a blend is made, the resulting wine is a more complete pinot noir, with layers of flavor and complexity.

A cold soak lasted for 4-6 days depending on the lot and then each lot was inoculated with RC 212 yeast. Manual punch downs, twice a day, were carried out during fermentation, and the wine was pressed to barrel at dryness. Francois Freres French oak was used for aging (30% new). After 10 months in barrel, a blend was assembled, lightly egg-white fined, and returned to barrel for an additional 4 months to harmonize (14 months total time in barrel) prior to bottling unfiltered.

The grapes are primarily Martini clone Pinot Noir – a traditional California clone that expresses itself in a more feminine style (soft, spice, floral, and layered). The 2011 vintage is elegant and lighter in weight than the 2010. Beautiful red hues in the glass with classic Pinot Noir aromatics of dried flowers, potpourri, earth, clove, and cinnamon, as well as strawberry/raspberry fruit. The mouth is focused with melded berry/cherry notes, cola, orange rind, tea, and white pepper. The wine’s relatively lower alcohol (13.9%) allows for a smooth and full finish featuring berries, sage, and citrus.

2014 Pinot Noir, Reserva Oro Rojo, Gold Coast Vyd


The vision for Reserva Oro Rojo Pinot Noir is a barrel selection from the various lots of pinot noir harvested from the vineyard. We harvest up to 10 different lots, picked on separate days over a 2-3 week period of time. The idea is to develop different component parts for the wine. Early picks are around 23.5 degrees Brix, higher in acidity with earthy, bright red fruit flavors. Later picks are around 25 – 25.5 degrees Brix, bigger in weight and alcohol with darker flavors of raspberry and black cherry. Each lot is fermented and aged separately so that we can monitor its development. As the wine ages, we select lots that will balance well together and make a more harmonious and complete wine. We tend to look for balance and intensity so that the wine can develop and improve with bottle age.

After harvesting, the grapes were hand sorted, destemmed, and put into 1.5 ton fermenters. After a 5 day cold soak, the juice was inoculated with yeast for fermentation. The cap was manually punched down twice a day. The wine was then pressed to Francois Freres French oak barrels for aging. After 11 months, each barrel is tasted and a selection is made for the Reserva Oro Rojo. These barrels are racked and the wine returned to barrel for an additional 4-6 months aging. The wine is gently egg white fined and bottled unfiltered.

The resulting wine displays delicate aromas of dusty strawberry/cherry fruit, floral notes, asian spices, orange rind, and cola. In the mouth, the wine enters subtly and builds throughout the palate to a long and complex finish with classic flavors of red berry fruit, hard spices, and cola notes. The wine finishes clean and possesses enough structure for the next 5+ years of aging potential. 250 cases produced.

2014 Dijon Selection Pinot Noir


In 2002, 2.5 acres of 13-year old vines were grafted over to Pinot Noir Dijon clones 115 and 777. This was done to explore the potential for Dijon clones at our specific site. Our 2014 bottling marks the ninth year of our Dijon Selection Pinot Noir; a 100 case bottling of the best barrels from this block of the vineyard.

The grapes were hand sorted after harvest, then destemmed, and put into 1.5 ton fermenters, keeping each clone separate. After a 5 day cold soak, each fermenter was inoculated with yeast. The cap was manually punched down, twice a day, with a total time in fermenter of 20 days before pressing to barrel. Francois Freres French oak was used (50% new) for aging. The wine is currently aging in barrel with an expected bottling later this year.

The Dijon Selection represents a modern style of California Pinot Noir with bright cherry flavors and a lesser degree of forest floor characters. The wine is more forward on the palate and voluptuous in body. The 2014 vintage is elegant, bright, and lively. Aromas of smoke, strawberry, cardamom, cinnamon and orange blossom. The palate is deceptively light, building across the palate in richness with sweet oak tones and raspberry flavors. Well-integrated acidity carries the wine through to the finish with berry/cherry, herb, and earth. This is a wine that opens over time, with the best glass the last glass of the bottle!

2014 Pismodise Pinot Grigio


This is our first Pismodise white and it truly represents the Pismo Lifestyle. Bright, clean and refreshing! The grapes were sorted at the vineyard and brought to the winery where they were whole-cluster pressed and put into tank for settling overnight. The clean juice was then racked to a new tank and inoculated with Prisse de Mousse yeast for fermentation. Once the fermentation was strong, the wine was racked to an even mix of neutral French oak and stainless steel barrels to finish fermentation. Sulfur was added after fermentation to block malolactic, keeping the acidity bright and lively. The wine aged 5 months in barrel to gain texture. Once a blend was assembled, the wine was cold stabilized, fined, and sterile filtered prior to bottling.

The wine has beautiful stone fruit aromas (nectarine, peaches, apricot), along with minerals, bee’s wax, and a white flower component . In the mouth, green pear, peach and apricot blend with minerals and spices on a smooth but lively palate. A burst of citrus, spice, and well-integrated acidity leave a lasting impression.

2014 Pismodise "Sunset Red"


This is a delicious blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Petite Sirah. We sourced these grapes from the Santa Barbara Highlands Vineyard on the eastern-most edge of Santa Barbara County. The vineyard sits at 3,000 elevation, allowing for warm days but cool nights. The wine has blackberry/boysenberry/black cherry fruit with pepper and leather notes. The palate is full and mouth-coating with a lengthy finish of fruit and spice. This is a new venture with Pismodise celebrating the Central Coast Lifestyle of Pismo Beach, CA.